Three Young Men

I wouldn’t have given these three young men a sec­ond thought if it weren’t for my new neigh­bors, in this new Florid­ian county of mine, break­ing down their garb like it was an indi­ca­tor of char­ac­ter flaws. Three young Black men, hold­ing the early vot­ing line while at the same time hold­ing up their Levis. Box­ers fly­ing proud like any […]

MIA - Soliloquy of a Dream (29) by Wayne Lawrence

Black Jaguar 2012

Enter Black Jaguar: Sweet Soca Alone! 1

Black Jaguar is invested. It’s Pure, Sweet Soca or noth­ing. That’s the foun­da­tion and BJ, as he is known among friends and as he intro­duced him­self to this writer, is also grounded. “The money-making aspect at times want to take away from the pure­ness. I don’t think it’s being done on pur­pose, I just think it’s the […]

Foodie Fridays: Buss Up Shut Meets My Chicken Curry!

There is noth­ing worse than hav­ing a crav­ing, going to the spot where there is the promise of said crav­ing being alle­vi­ated and leav­ing dis­ap­pointed.  Such was the case dur­ing a recent impromptu lunch date for Buss up Shut and the fix­ings at a new spot in Orlando, Florida. I won’t name names, because this was my first time […]

Chicken Curry1

Engraved Calabash

The Sounds of the Calabash: Roots, Rock, Reggae 1

The (Cal­abash) drum beat don’t stop just cause ribs knock or the poets get cock-blocked… “All these poets think they’re nov­el­ists!” quipped Car­olyn Cooper, emcee extra­or­dinare & pro­fes­sor of lit­er­ary and cul­tural stud­ies at the Uni­ver­sity of the West Indies, Mona as she called time: 3 mins! She was right, and like her I thought to call time on my long […]

Easy Like Sunday Mornings… 6

Sun­days for me have always had a spe­cial rhythm to them. As far back as I can remem­ber, it’s the one day when sleep was allowed to linger and I was allowed to wake up on my own steam. When I lived on a street called Upper Mal­one Ave, it was the sound of Sunday […]

Morning Walk STX 2012

Novelist Chimananda Ngozi Adichie Speaks

Calabash is (A)Live! 2

  The first time is the charm. For bet­ter or worse, the first time is unfor­get­table. For many, Cal­abash 2012 was not so much new­ness, as well-seasoned, not-to-be-missed (even in the lean years) and a def­i­nite feel­ing of chas­ing a cer­tain high-ness. I didn’t have or need com­par­isons. This was my first Cal­abash and I […]

Mane Attraction: That Spring-Summer Feeling

I reside in Orlando, Florida, a metro-city that doesn’t really boast sea­sons (as in marked, pro­longed weather shifts), but I can still appre­ci­ate the men­tal bliss that comes when I think of that Spring-Summer feel­ing via my hair. It’s like mother nature giv­ing per­mit to come out and play and there’s a fresh­ness in the air […]

Afrigenix Havana Twists

Mother's Day 2012 Feature

Pot Spoon Monologues: Happy Mother’s Day! 3

My mother could wield a pot spoon with the best of them. In fact, she was so good most times I didn’t even see her com­ing, but I always felt her. She surely held sway and the upper-hand for many a thwarted child­hood rebel­lion.  In hind­sight, her fury was a beau­ti­ful thing because I was […]

Letting Go, Being Let Go and The Pivotal P’s 3

Much like the big O, let­ting go and being let go doesn’t often or nec­es­sar­ily hap­pen simul­ta­ne­ously.  And while things can get messy with­out the whole truth fac­tor being present and accounted for, let­ting go and being let go at some point in our lives becomes inevitable. In my life the inevitable hap­pened about one […]

Discipline is the new sexy!


A Do and A Dare: Who’s Afraid of a Little Black Dress? 1

In every woman’s life there should be some ver­sion of a Lit­tle Black Dress (LBD).  Actu­ally there should be sev­eral if you’re like me and have a healthy appre­ci­a­tion for vari­ety. In my case, even with a closet of no less than 8 LBD’s (some with the tags still attached)  I am such a homebody […]

A Top 7 Listing of Black Men Celebrating Women in Song and Verse 2

It’s impor­tant for this woman writer in a month that cel­e­brates women across the globe, to not only honor women but also cel­e­brate the men who wholly LOVE us, and who have exhib­ited that love in song and verse. These are the men who rec­og­nize our VIRTUOSITY as relayed in the fol­low­ing mis­sive: “Vir­tu­os­ity is not […]


Red Type - Flash Fiction festure

Flash Fiction: The Pelican 5

I’ve been allow­ing myself all these lit­tle chal­lenges of late.  My writer responds to them and there is no good rea­son to think that tal­ent, espe­cially if it is latent (just noticed that latent has all the ele­ments of tal­ent) doesn’t demand exer­cise. On a Low Note was a bit of that.  Short, not so […]