THE EDGE: Look­ing over the Lip of that Hard Place

If you had to talk to some­one about purs­ing their dreams, what would be the top 3–5 things you would say to them? Or what would you have wished you had heard ear­ly on when you start­ed pur­su­ing your dreams?”  Clenord Fer­gu­son, author of the ‘Truth About Love’ and Founder of Island Praize

Per­haps any oth­er year I would have felt ill-equipped to respond, although you bet­ter believe I would have found some­thing. I am a fan of fak­ing it until you make it after all.

How­ev­er, the truth is that 2010 has absolute­ly been a blessed year of courage for me. So to those who will read this, I encour­age you in the RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF YOUR DREAMS and offer the fol­low­ing hard-won advice:

1. Go for it! Put one foot in front of the oth­er and start crawl­ing, hop­ping, walk­ing, and run­ning (what­ev­er you have to do) in the direc­tion of your dreams.

2. Excus­es are just that—excuses. Don’t lie to your­self about what you can’t do. Have you tried? Have you failed at it a cou­ple of times? If you don’t know, ask some­one who does. And if all else fails adopt a mantra—Think Ali’s ‘Impos­si­ble is Noth­ing’—or Gabriel in the foun­da­tion­al Luke 1:37 say­ing ‘For With God Noth­ing Shall Be Impos­si­ble.’

3. Your dream is not a real­i­ty until it is. So stop putting the mir­ror of your cur­rent real­i­ty in front of it.

4. Think out­side the box! Sur­round your­self with peo­ple who do the same and see them chal­lenge you.

Beware that at this point the words, crazy, strange, inter­est­ing and weird may fol­low you (that’s if they haven’t already). But always lead from the front. Let your naysay­ers fol­low you right up to the real­iza­tion of your goals, and then make the deci­sion on whose appli­ca­tion you’ll give a sec­ond look.

5. Pray like a Moth­er! Plug into your source reg­u­lar­ly. If you don’t, then you plan to fail with­out ques­tion or effort.

And if you’re any­thing like me, some­times a song just kin­da solid­i­fies things.

How are you pur­su­ing your dreams? What would you add to this list?


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