5 Tips in the Relentless Pursuit of Your Dreams

THE EDGE: Look­ing over the Lip of that Hard Place

If you had to talk to some­one about purs­ing their dreams, what would be the top 3–5 things you would say to them? Or what would you have wished you had heard early on when you started pur­su­ing your dreams?”  Clenord Fer­gu­son, author of the ‘Truth About Love’ and Founder of Island Praize

Per­haps any other year I would have felt ill-equipped to respond, although you bet­ter believe I would have found some­thing. I am a fan of fak­ing it until you make it after all.

How­ever, the truth is that 2010 has absolutely been a blessed year of courage for me. So to those who will read this, I encour­age you in the RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF YOUR DREAMS and offer the fol­low­ing hard-won advice:

1. Go for it! Put one foot in front of the other and start crawl­ing, hop­ping, walk­ing, and run­ning (what­ever you have to do) in the direc­tion of your dreams.

2. Excuses are just that—excuses. Don’t lie to your­self about what you can’t do. Have you tried? Have you failed at it a cou­ple of times? If you don’t know, ask some­one who does. And if all else fails adopt a mantra—Think Ali’s ‘Impos­si­ble is Noth­ing’—or Gabriel in the foun­da­tional Luke 1:37 say­ing ‘For With God Noth­ing Shall Be Impossible.’

3. Your dream is not a real­ity until it is. So stop putting the mir­ror of your cur­rent real­ity in front of it.

4. Think out­side the box! Sur­round your­self with peo­ple who do the same and see them chal­lenge you.

Beware that at this point the words, crazy, strange, inter­est­ing and weird may fol­low you (that’s if they haven’t already). But always lead from the front. Let your naysay­ers fol­low you right up to the real­iza­tion of your goals, and then make the deci­sion on whose appli­ca­tion you’ll give a sec­ond look.

5. Pray like a Mother! Plug into your source reg­u­larly. If you don’t, then you plan to fail with­out ques­tion or effort.

And if you’re any­thing like me, some­times a song just kinda solid­i­fies things.

How are you pur­su­ing your dreams? What would you add to this list?


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  1. Hey Lady… I love num­ber three! RIGHT ON! I have been think­ing recently about why more peo­ple are not pur­su­ing their dreams OR at least spend­ing most of their day think­ing about their dreams and work­ing towards them. We all have that ONE thing that makes us crazy and that would make us more excited and shocked if we ever acheived it. That is what peo­ple need to go for. So … we are in the sec­ond half of this year and we need to get push­ing so that we can cre­ate new goals for 2011.

    • Alee­sha my friend, you are always reach­ing so far into our futures. This is just one of the many rea­sons I love and appre­ci­ate you. 2010 is far from over. I think the one thing I want to be mind­ful of is stop­ping to smell the roses, or the more apt for me, just eat­ing my cake, cup­cake what have you. No think­ing about 2011 unless it’s the eve of and we’re toast­ing to it.



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