A Do and A Dare: Who’s Afraid of a Little Black Dress?

In every woman’s life there should be some version of a Little Black Dress (LBD).  Actually there should be several if you’re like me and have a healthy appreciation for variety.

In my case, even with a closet of no less than 8 LBD’s (some with the tags still attached)  I am such a homebody that I rarely get to showcase any of these precious dresses, which is why most days you will catch me parading the halls of my very conservative day gig as if I were on the runways that are my former New York Streets or Fort Street in SKB (Basseterre, St. Kitts).

So on a recent Saturday night with nothing more on the agenda than grocery shopping, I decided to dare to wear an LBD for no other reason than I felt like it.  And not just an LBD, but a bit of razzle-dazzle and pops of color on the cheeks, lips, ears, hair and feet.  The moon was going to be my spotlight that night!

My Facebook post went a little something like this: “Feeling like grocery shopping and what not in a little black dress. I mean as many dresses as stare out my closet with tags still attached, I feel it’s my duty #ayeaye ;)” And of course that was necessary because I wouldn’t renege–I hoped!

I didn’t!

The LBD of the night: A Mark by AVON dress turned back to front. I should say, while I do see the virtue of that rule which says: when you go short, you should be covered up top, my fashion moves & style is so wrapped up with feeling a certain vibe that I would have run with my mood regardless.

Side Note: If you are not in a place where you are experiencing balmy nights (mostly) then I would simply add hosiery of your choice. I might even double up with red fishnets over black opaques. Throw on a black Moto-jacket of your choice. Remove the headgear (or not!), wrap around the neck and just go for it! Carpe diem!

My LBD Do and Dare for a grocery shopping trip also extended itself to din-din a la my favorite neighborhood sushi place. So there is a lesson in there somewhere about preparedness and just setting the right tone and energy.

Dress: MARK by AVON, Necklace: Peace Images Tut, Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny via Ross, Animal Print Scarf (worn as headwrap): H&M

Do you own any LBD’s? When do they come out/in to play?


*Photos were taken with a camera phone. Can you believe we thought that blue cast on the 1st shot was a pic killer! lol

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  1. Love the dress and the shoes…..But adore the headwrap!

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