An Open Love Letter to the Full-Figured Woman

DASHEEN is proud to wel­come the insight and sound­byte of film­maker and con­trib­u­tor Dele Adams. His focus on the full-figured woman is con­cen­trated here. I could think of no bet­ter form than the love let­ter to express such demon­stra­tive devotion.

An Open Love Let­ter to the Full-Figured Woman

I started writ­ing this from a purely ana­lyt­i­cal stand­point until I was cor­rected in the error of my ways. Instead, I want this to be an open love let­ter to full-figured women.
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Photo credit: Ricky Joseph

From: Men

To: Full-Figured Women

Re: Love

Dear God­dess,

We love you. We always have and we always will. Most times, to be real, we just don’t know how to tell you. You know we are watch­ing you from afar, our stares pen­e­trat­ing through the mess of every­day life for that brief moment when we lock eyes. You can tell we’ve had you on our minds when you waltz through the myr­iad fan­tasies left in your wake.

We’ve admired you through the annals of his­tory as we carved your fig­ure in soap­stone and jade, in rock and wood. We’ve fum­bled with our clumsy hands to cap­ture your like­ness in paint and fresco. Bot­ti­celli came close, the Inca’s even closer and the Africans just missed the mark.

Per­fec­tion you see is impos­si­ble to duplicate.

We ache to touch you today, secretly long­ing for you in your earthly form. From Ali­son Hinds to the late, great Amber Davis to Jill Scott to Toc­cara Jones to the fea­tured Zahra Spencer, we crave caress­ing your bosom with our lips and seek to trail our fin­gers around your waist. Your silken touch com­mands our deep­est respect. Your love quenches all of our thirsts. Your eyes lock ours so deeply so as not to see any other.

Never let the faith­less world of today take away the power you have always held over us. Remind us that you are Mother Earth given mor­tal form. Take us and deliver us from man­u­fac­tured “beauty” and thinned down wisps of wom­an­hood that have become the accepted norm. Make us love you again, as in the days of old.

God­dess, Full-Figured and Bright,

We Love You.

Yours sin­cerely,



The fea­tured God­dess is none other than Model, Zahra Spencer.  A St. Croix native, Zahra is a strong believer in mak­ing every moment pur­pose­ful. Eclec­tic by nature, she is also a Cer­ti­fied Sis­ter­locks Con­sul­tant, Poet, and Dancer. In her spare time she vol­un­teers with a vari­ety of orga­ni­za­tions, with a spe­cial focus on help­ing young girls.  She finds plea­sure in explor­ing the cre­ative gen­res of life, hop­ing to inspire and be inspired. Zahra’s favorite quote is one by Mar­i­anne Williamson from her book, A Return to Love: Reflec­tions on the Prin­ci­ples of a Course in Mir­a­cles: “Our deep­est fear is not that we are inad­e­quate. Our deep­est fear is that we are pow­er­ful beyond mea­sure. It is our light, not our dark­ness that most fright­ens us.



Dele Bio Pic An Open Love Letter to the Full Figured Woman
Dele Adams has been a prac­tic­ing film­maker for the past eight years. He is one of the founders of Mage Pic­tures, a local (SKN) pro­duc­tion com­pany respon­si­ble for film­ing com­mer­cials, fash­ion shows, pri­vate events, and pub­lic ser­vice announce­ments. Mr. Adams has writ­ten, pro­duced and filmed numer­ous comedic shorts and spoofs. His most acclaimed are “Minister’s Speech” and “What If…?”. Most recently he has been tack­ling sto­ries in the main­stream news and turn­ing them into highly enter­tain­ing and funny satire. A keen observer of human­ity and a life long fan of films, Dele’s phi­los­o­phy is all about the cre­ative process, as the jour­ney for him is more attrac­tive than the des­ti­na­tion. In his own words, “The fin­ished prod­uct is merely the icing on the cake”.
 An Open Love Letter to the Full Figured Woman Tynisha Camelitta (95 Posts)

Hi there! I’m Tynisha Camelitta, writer, West Indian, mango-lover, host­ess & passion-preneur @ DASHEEN mag­a­zine + Camelitta INK! Co. DASHEEN is proud to be the online des­ti­na­tion where cul­ture feeds imag­i­na­tion. If you’d like to con­tribute to this com­mu­nity, drop me a line here, I’d love to read/see you. Bless up!

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  1. Love this Letter…so true…I’m no full fig­ured female…but I am full of Life…lol…I believe that it is a bless­ing to be a female, filled with all the right things to bring forth life…to all my Caribbean thick chicks…stay sweet! Zahra you look fabulous!

    • I absolutely love this com­ment Cli! And Zahra had me at hello!

  2. So very proud of you Zahra; I love you!! This let­ter is so mov­ing! You are appre­ci­ated Mr. Adams!

  3. Cre­ation is diver­sity. Whether eth­nic­ity, color, reli­gion, thought, size, abil­ity, tal­ent or skill, the uni­verse is chuck full of it. Cel­e­brat­ing the range of diver­sity that we see around us is para­mount to get­ting closer to under­stand­ing “truth”, God and our posi­tions in the world. We must appre­ci­ate the range and not just what is in the box because it is in that range that we truly get a glimpse of God and the infi­nite pos­si­bil­i­ties of our­selves. Beau­ti­ful piece.

    • Nichelle,

      You encap­su­lated the mes­sage so beau­ti­fully. Thank you for tak­ing the time to say the words and being apart of com­mu­nity. Beau­ti­ful lady!


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