An Open Love Letter to the Full-Figured Woman

DASHEEN is proud to welcome the insight and soundbyte of filmmaker and contributor Dele Adams. His focus on the full-figured woman is concentrated here. I could think of no better form than the love letter to express such demonstrative devotion.

An Open Love Letter to the Full-Figured Woman

I started writing this from a purely analytical standpoint until I was corrected in the error of my ways. Instead, I want this to be an open love letter to full-figured women.
Zahra Muse

Photo credit: Ricky Joseph

From: Men

To: Full-Figured Women

Re: Love

Dear Goddess,

We love you. We always have and we always will. Most times, to be real, we just don’t know how to tell you. You know we are watching you from afar, our stares penetrating through the mess of everyday life for that brief moment when we lock eyes. You can tell we’ve had you on our minds when you waltz through the myriad fantasies left in your wake.

We’ve admired you through the annals of history as we carved your figure in soapstone and jade, in rock and wood. We’ve fumbled with our clumsy hands to capture your likeness in paint and fresco. Botticelli came close, the Inca’s even closer and the Africans just missed the mark.

Perfection you see is impossible to duplicate.

We ache to touch you today, secretly longing for you in your earthly form. From Alison Hinds to the late, great Amber Davis to Jill Scott to Toccara Jones to the featured Zahra Spencer, we crave caressing your bosom with our lips and seek to trail our fingers around your waist. Your silken touch commands our deepest respect. Your love quenches all of our thirsts. Your eyes lock ours so deeply so as not to see any other.

Never let the faithless world of today take away the power you have always held over us. Remind us that you are Mother Earth given mortal form. Take us and deliver us from manufactured “beauty” and thinned down wisps of womanhood that have become the accepted norm. Make us love you again, as in the days of old.

Goddess, Full-Figured and Bright,

We Love You.

Yours sincerely,



The featured Goddess is none other than Model, Zahra Spencer.  A St. Croix native, Zahra is a strong believer in making every moment purposeful. Eclectic by nature, she is also a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, Poet, and Dancer. In her spare time she volunteers with a variety of organizations, with a special focus on helping young girls.  She finds pleasure in exploring the creative genres of life, hoping to inspire and be inspired. Zahra’s favorite quote is one by Marianne Williamson from her book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.



[author] [author_image timthumb=’off’]http://dasheenmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Dele-Bio-Pic.jpg[/author_image] [author_info]Dele Adams has been a practicing filmmaker for the past eight years. He is one of the founders of Mage Pictures, a local (SKN) production company responsible for filming commercials, fashion shows, private events, and public service announcements. Mr. Adams has written, produced and filmed numerous comedic shorts and spoofs. His most acclaimed are “Minister’s Speech” and “What If…?”. Most recently he has been tackling stories in the mainstream news and turning them into highly entertaining and funny satire. A keen observer of humanity and a life long fan of films, Dele’s philosophy is all about the creative process, as the journey for him is more attractive than the destination. In his own words, “The finished product is merely the icing on the cake”.[/author_info] [/author]

5 Responses to An Open Love Letter to the Full-Figured Woman

  1. Love this Letter…so true…I’m no full figured female…but I am full of Life…lol…I believe that it is a blessing to be a female, filled with all the right things to bring forth life…to all my Caribbean thick chicks…stay sweet! Zahra you look fabulous!

  2. So very proud of you Zahra; I love you!! This letter is so moving! You are appreciated Mr. Adams!

  3. Creation is diversity. Whether ethnicity, color, religion, thought, size, ability, talent or skill, the universe is chuck full of it. Celebrating the range of diversity that we see around us is paramount to getting closer to understanding “truth”, God and our positions in the world. We must appreciate the range and not just what is in the box because it is in that range that we truly get a glimpse of God and the infinite possibilities of ourselves. Beautiful piece.

    • Nichelle,

      You encapsulated the message so beautifully. Thank you for taking the time to say the words and being apart of community. Beautiful lady!

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