Animal Print Look Book: Daytime

Essence Mag­a­zine wanted to know how I wore Ani­mal Print. Lucky Mag cau­tioned “Look fierce, but don’t get too friendly. One touch is enough.”

In my world, Ani­mal Print is a neutral/staple, Ani­mal Print is a friend and Ani­mal Print is a lover.  The day that I took these pic­tures was note­wor­thy in that I was not feel­ing at my best. I was at the tail-end of a fierce break­out and some­one thought that my hair the way you see it here was a ‘don’t’ as in “So you woke up this morn­ing and left the house like that. You really seri­ous about this nat­ural busi­ness huh?”

There was sim­ply no bet­ter day and I mean that seri­ously.  Your best acces­sory with any bold look—CONFIDENCE! or as my aunt (thank God!) taught when I was a pubes­cent teen—heads high and shoul­ders back.  And so, I let my con­fi­dence bite back.

I didn’t intend to sep­a­rate Day and Night but I have 15 ani­mal print pieces and count­ing in my closet!  That was more than I had imag­ined.  Also, when I began, I had all inten­tions of strut­ting in var­i­ous pumps. But I had lived it up in church (in heels) already, and with all the neg­a­tive energy post that, I just wanted to be cool and me and as close to the good­ness of God’s green as I could get.

Here is my Ani­mal Print Look Book for Day­time.  I hope you do enjoy.

Look #1:  Skirt as dress — ROSS. Cropped Jean Jacket — WalMart
Look #2: Dress — ROSS, Gold flip-flops — Old Navy
Coral Tut neck­lace from Peace Images Jew­elry.


Look #3: Dress, But­ter­fly hair clips, ring — H&M, Tote — Victoria’s Secret, Jelly flats — My sister’s closet

Look #4:  Reversible Dress — Mid­night Vel­vet, Cropped Jean Jacket — WalMart

Stay tuned for my take on Ani­mal Print in the Night­time.  Do you like/love Ani­mal Print? Is one touch enough for you? How do you wear it?

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Tynisha Camelitta (89 Posts)

Hi there! I’m Tynisha Camelitta, writer, West Indian, mango-lover, host­ess & passion-preneur @ DASHEEN mag­a­zine + Camelitta INK! Co. DASHEEN is proud to be the online des­ti­na­tion where cul­ture feeds imag­i­na­tion. If you’d like to con­tribute to this com­mu­nity, drop me a line here, I’d love to read/see you. Bless up!


  1. I don’t own any ani­mal print, but you’re mak­ing me think maybe I should :)

    • You, my friend can shop my closet any ole time you please :) Thank you for the steady encouragement/support. Lots of love in the room.

  2. Damn!!! You scream Caribbean so well. It’s almost effortless…I can tell. I can feel you, this wasn’t random…all the back­grounds were metic­u­lously cho­sen. Such a nos­tal­gic yet eclec­tic feel to all of the pho­tographs, espe­cially #1,3 and 4. Took me back to child­hood days and going to my father’s house and rum­mag­ing through his “waaay back” pic­ture album with the fierce smell of OLD SPICE. Am so get­ting an ani­mal print shirt or shorts…I pray I rock it half as well. Sorry for being so long-winded but I really did try to cut it short

    • Such fire (moti­va­tion) to my bones. Prac­ti­cally remade me here G. As we like to say who feels it knows it. And I truly truly felt and loved this! Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!

  3. I love each outfit.


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