Animal Print Look Book: Daytime

Essence Magazine wanted to know how I wore Animal Print. Lucky Mag cautioned “Look fierce, but don’t get too friendly. One touch is enough.”

In my world, Animal Print is a neutral/staple, Animal Print is a friend and Animal Print is a lover.  The day that I took these pictures was noteworthy in that I was not feeling at my best. I was at the tail-end of a fierce breakout and someone thought that my hair the way you see it here was a ‘don’t’ as in “So you woke up this morning and left the house like that. You really serious about this natural business huh?”

There was simply no better day and I mean that seriously.  Your best accessory with any bold look—CONFIDENCE! or as my aunt (thank God!) taught when I was a pubescent teen—heads high and shoulders back.  And so, I let my confidence bite back.

I didn’t intend to separate Day and Night but I have 15 animal print pieces and counting in my closet!  That was more than I had imagined.  Also, when I began, I had all intentions of strutting in various pumps. But I had lived it up in church (in heels) already, and with all the negative energy post that, I just wanted to be cool and me and as close to the goodness of God’s green as I could get.

Here is my Animal Print Look Book for Daytime.  I hope you do enjoy.

Look #1:  Skirt as dress – ROSS. Cropped Jean Jacket – WalMart
Look #2: Dress – ROSS, Gold flip-flops – Old Navy
Coral Tut necklace from Peace Images Jewelry.


Look #3: Dress, Butterfly hair clips, ring – H&M, Tote – Victoria’s Secret, Jelly flats – My sister’s closet

Look #4:  Reversible Dress – Midnight Velvet, Cropped Jean Jacket – WalMart

Stay tuned for my take on Animal Print in the Nighttime.  Do you like/love Animal Print? Is one touch enough for you? How do you wear it?

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Tynisha Camelitta (94 Posts)

Hi there! I’m Tynisha Camelitta, writer, West Indian, mango-lover & passion-preneur @ DASHEEN mag­a­zine + Camelitta INK! & Co. DASHEEN is proud to represent as the online destination where 'Culture Feeds Imagination.' If you'd like to join the celebration of Love, Culture & Diaspora, drop me a line. I'd love to read/see you. Bless up!


  1. I don’t own any animal print, but you’re making me think maybe I should :)

    • You, my friend can shop my closet any ole time you please :) Thank you for the steady encouragement/support. Lots of love in the room.

  2. Damn!!! You scream Caribbean so well. It’s almost effortless…I can tell. I can feel you, this wasn’t random…all the backgrounds were meticulously chosen. Such a nostalgic yet eclectic feel to all of the photographs, especially #1,3 and 4. Took me back to childhood days and going to my father’s house and rummaging through his “waaay back” picture album with the fierce smell of OLD SPICE. Am so getting an animal print shirt or shorts…I pray I rock it half as well. Sorry for being so long-winded but I really did try to cut it short

    • Such fire (motivation) to my bones. Practically remade me here G. As we like to say who feels it knows it. And I truly truly felt and loved this! Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!

  3. I love each outfit.


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