I wrote the following poem when I was 21.  I am 33.  There is always love.  There is a heart skipping beats… There is forgiveness. And far and above all else, there is a little girl.

Innocent Etchings on Manhood

I always carried a picture of you in my mind,
A portrait drawn with the blunt edge of Crayola.
That box of 64—a palette of infinite possibilities.
A blank slate.   A world hidden.

Always a gift;

Wrapped with the hope that the great inquisition

Would worry a manila.   And sail its four corners,
In much the same way I worried the hem,
Trailing behind my mother’s dress.

Armed to the teeth with questions.

She was altogether lovely, all-powerful and ever-present.

I had no need for Polaroids or candid moments
She was here.   But you were…

Unattainable, and as yet undefined.
A gnawing hunger, fed by the chasm of alienation
and separation.

Going back to the drawing board, years too late,
I found Crayola crumbled.   A habit broken.

In its wake,

A mime’s penmanship.
Whose flow and movement held all truth.
I had another close encounter.
The pen was mightier than the eye.

Now I perfected your stance,
Shaded in the irises, textured the lips,
And made you smile.

You are neither lovely, powerful or present.

Yet, I patiently await an introduction.

Copyright (c) 1999, 2011, Tynisha C. Leon

The featured photo is all Brianna McCarthy and her Big Fish in Detail.  As I posted this poem, it was this image that came to mind and Brianna’s words via ARC magazine that the end result, did ‘not look human.’  I simply love things as they are—no judgement! And I love this—the poetry and the piece and the peace.



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