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Some­where out there, on a lit­tle island par­adise some 65-square miles, known to lovers the world over as Sugar City and the unini­ti­ated as St. Kitts, West Indies, they are in the thick of it!

J’Ouvert that is. And for the curi­ous and the cul­ture-con­scious, a good and quick sum­ma­tion of J’Ouvert can be found here.

By now the rev­el­ers would have tramped, they would have wiled and wailed, and laid aside every weight and care. In times past all good things would have come to an end around 11am. This year, thanks to the orga­niz­ers of J’Ouvert Beach Chill 2010, the party con­tin­ues on a beach with­out sand, or what has been dubbed “The People’s Offi­cial J’Ouvert Chill Zone!”

JBC 2010 promo

For those who are so blessed to par­tic­i­pate and be in the place, there is the guar­an­tee of an after­noon filled to over­flow­ing with fun, relax­ation and siz­zling enter­tain­ment for both adults and chil­dren. As if that weren’t enough to entice, there is the added lure of an 18 feet water slide and foam party! “Well my peace!” as my sis­ter would say in full Cru­cian accent. LOL

For the rest of us (myself included) we are invited to live vic­ar­i­ously through the live online stream here and please stay tuned for Dasheen’s fol­lowup post with pic­tures.

The big idea behind this his­toric and what is promised by orga­niz­ers to be an annual event: ‘Revive the Rev­elry and not the Rivalry!’

From the looks of things that should be no prob­lem!

Love All Ova!!!