White against the spectrum of brown skin is something to see.  It’s perfection if you ask me…

As predicted, Temple of Faith’s 1st Annual All White Gala was fantastic!  The night’s entertainment was LIVE.  Our leaders and church community were toasted, awarded and encouraged to run on or walk good as my girl Brianna McCarthy would say.

Less predictable was my final choice in outfit.  Although, I did leave some room to be surprised, I was very determined in my hunt to find the (perfect) white dress.  Well, when I found the pictured voluminous, but still, oh so delicate white eyelet skirt in H&M from their Conscious Collection, I was utterly in love. I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe, but more importantly, I knew it was the one!

This is such a drama skirt and I really felt like a great complement would have been a colorful/print turban ala June Ambrose or Destiny Godley, the latter who, for me makes turban wear very down to earth and accessible for every woman. On this first wear and for the occasion, I went with big curly hair, but how many know there is always the next time.

The fitted safari-styled shirt you see pictured, also from H&M was grabbed on a whim, in case nothing in my closet worked or I found myself cutting it too close.

Overall, I was rather pleased with the look.  The perfect dress it is not. The perfect illusion of a dress? Certainly, if I count the many who asked where I bought it.

I simply adore that skirt though, and I can’t wait to rework it as a dress, or just put it to work with a tucked in lightweight tank.

… Four (or was it five) courses later, lip gloss gone the way of good conversation and yummy red velvet cake, I remembered to ask my “cameraman” to take some pictures for a mini look book I had in mind.  These were the contenders:


Skirt, Shirt and ring via H&M,
Kukui necklace and Mother of Pearl bracelet via Goodwill, watch via Target
Shoes via Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret catalog and earrings via Forever XXI


I thought about calling this Safari Chic, but then a friend said it was all about summertime for her.  What would you call this look?  Keep in mind that you are looking at one satisfied lady. 🙂


Hi there, I’m Tynisha C. Leon, writer, West Indian, mango-lover, founder and editor-in-chief of DASHEEN magazine — the online destination where culture feeds imagination. Join the culture conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!

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