Meet Julia: The Thread Queen! 6

Three weeks is a long time in the life of brows.  Lets face it, three weeks is a life­time. So, when Julia of Julia’s Artis­tic Thread­ing & Day Spa threaded my brows a lit­tle over 2 weeks ago, I wasn’t a real believer in three weeks of brow free­dom, where there would be nary a […]

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Mommy and stepdaddy

The Sweetest Love 2

Every­one should think of their Mommy as the best and sweet­est! The sweet­est woman I know lives at #150 Estate Con­cor­dia, St. Croix Vir­gin Islands. I can tes­tify to her sweet­ness because she is my Mommy. I can give out her address because she is so much more than some words on a hall­mark card. […]

Wanted: The (Perfect) White Dress 5

There’s noth­ing like a BIG EVENT to inspire a dress hunt. In March, I had the oppor­tu­nity to attend “A Night of Ele­gance.” Orga­nized by my church’s very awe­some and fash­ion­able Women’s Aux­il­iary, the night quite lived up to its styl­ish appoint­ment; and I was able to fuse my appre­ci­a­tion for 20’s fash­ion, Car­men Jones […]

fabric flower

ROOTS Featured

R.O.O.T.S: People Pictures Poetry

The work is called ROOTS: PEOPLE PICTURES POETRY. Its mus­tard seeds sown in the foot­notes of ‘Beau­ti­ful poetry… Beau­ti­ful pic­tures… Beau­ti­ful peo­ple… and Beau­ti­ful exhil­a­rat­ing spir­i­tu­al­ity.’ The 1st push: The real­iza­tion of ROOTS as a coffee-table-style book/compilation that delves deep into CULTURE through the roots of dreads . locs . rasta. After that, heaven only knows, […]

Love in the key of Bob Marley 2

Nesta Robert “Bob” Mar­ley is a uni­ver­sal leg­end! Some truths are just writ­ten into the scrolls and are indis­putable. Brother Bob was undoubt­edly a man’s man, a woman’s man, his own man and cer­tainly a man after God’s own heart. Today, on the day that Bob, the man would have turned 66, I want to speak […]

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Bay Leaf Feature

Foodie Fridays: Ode to the Bay Leaf 7

Did I men­tion that I’m a good cook? I wish I knew how to under­line that good right there, maybe even high­light it with a stylishly-bold dou­ble under­line. You have to under­stand the nuff­ness is a mat­ter of not being able to do much but scram­ble eggs and make Milo/Oval­tine/Bourn­vita/Bush tea prior to 4 years […]

Mane Attraction: Healthy Hair Challenge Meets Kinky Twist — 1 Month Update 4

Well its been one solid month since I started my Healthy Hair Chal­lenge which incor­po­rates the pro­tec­tive styling of kinky twists. By way of an update I am still here as Jill Scott would sing. I hon­estly can only lay claim to two bumps on the jour­ney and both were over­come. This is what my […]

1 month kinky twist - 1/24/2011 update 2

Darling Dominca Feature

Darling Dominica, 2

The travel edi­tors at National Geo­graphic (dot) com have “hand-picked” Dominica as one of the top 20 Best Trips of 2011!

The Perfect Caribbean Woman 3

THE PERFECT CARIBBEAN WOMAN By: Dr. Garfield Alexan­der At uni­ver­sity I remem­ber wish­ing I was mad sci­en­tist like Dr. Franken­stein, so I could con­struct my very own woman, to my spec­i­fi­ca­tions and needs. Well, come to think of it, they weren’t really needs but fan­tasies. Now am a lit­tle older and wiser, and also a […]

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Limeade featured

Cheers! The Almighty Swank 1

Swank for the pur­poses of this post is a drink, not a com­pany or a Hilary or a hus­tle. Although there is some­thing to be said for Urban Dictionary’s take. Alto­gether, Swank–the drink rises above all else to defy def­i­n­i­tion. Food Enthu­si­ast Cyn­thia Nel­son did a rather suc­cinct piece on Caribbean-style Lemon­ade, which is as […]

Delayed Gratification

Delayed Grat­i­fi­ca­tion I’ve been splurg­ing, splurg­ing! Splurg­ing on books! Splurg­ing an already tight sheath on books Forg­ing racks for deeper over­stand­ing. Price­less, price­less! This new com­mit­ment is Laugh­ably so, if only for your dare: “You need to read more baby…” devour books In the way that I would have you do me. Just once, just once, just once more: a […]

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Hibiscus Book

Audio Books vs. Kindles/Nooks vs. Book Books 6

It’s noth­ing if not an unfair match-up. Unprece­dented even. The ver­sus tag might be bet­ter left off, but so be it. Let’s begin at the reverse with ‘BOOK BOOKS’ I’m not a “book whore.” And that last is not my term. A ter­ri­bly tal­ented young lady, who I knew for the bet­ter part of my time […]