Rebel Control Check: Soundsystem One!

It’s always a plea­sure to hear from the boys of Rebel Con­trol i.e. Andy Baron and Con­crete John­son (his musi­cal part­ner in crime). For a good and proper 2 months in 2010, this teaser post almost beat out the mango as one of my top reads. I vividly remem­ber relay­ing this fact to lead singer Andy. […]

Andy - Rebel Control Feature

Wow Blog! Brianna McCarthy’s Passion.Fruit 12

I had to go slowly with Bri­anna McCarthy and not for the rea­sons she may think. I’ve had my eye on her. She’s been grac­ing my work desk­top, on and off for the bet­ter part of 2010. In fact, she is a very preg­nant part of my vision board. If there wasn’t a mir­ror nearby, then I […]

Creatures for Keeping - Brianna McCarthy

Love & Haiti

J’adore Haiti and the case for Universal Humanity 1

[retweet] [stum­ble] [buzz] Haiti’s been on my mind alot lately. If I had to count, then we’re talk­ing a year of wak­ing thoughts where I never wanted to for­get that there was a Haiti or a Hait­ian peo­ple at home and abroad. My first post on Dasheen, a love let­ter to my own dear St. Kitts […]

Music Monday: Gyptian via N P R’s Tiny Desk Concert Series 4

NPR’s Tiny Desk Con­cert Series has been in my ear for a hot minute. The genius of the unplugged set is such a pow­er­ful draw, and it just works so well in the small studio-like venue, that so often feels and looks like the cor­ner in the very back of the library. If you can’t […]

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Kinky Twist Challenge Feature - 2011

Mane Attraction: Healthy Hair Challenge meets Kinky Twists 2

Much encour­aged by MopTopMaven’s Healthy Hair in 2011 Chal­lenge, I’ve made the per­sonal and now open promise to take her up on it! I don’t con­sider my hair to be unhealthy, by any means, but I do con­sider myself a lazy care­taker of it, and in that I also rec­og­nize some utterly lazy ten­den­cies. One example […]

New Music Monday: King Konris is an “Unstoppable Force”

Whether you pre­fer to call it Kaiso, Soca or Calypso, for me it is all the beat­ing heart of gen­er­a­tions, the domain of the absen­tee bal­lot and never to be forgotten—it is the great social com­men­ta­tor. And Oh Jah indeed, the music is sweet! If mem­ory serves, few events were looked for­ward to as thor­oughly during […]

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J’Ouvert Beach Chill 2010: Live and Direct from Sugar City! 1

[retweet] [stum­ble] [buzz] Some­where out there, on a lit­tle island par­adise some 65-square miles, known to lovers the world over as Sugar City and the unini­ti­ated as St. Kitts, West Indies, they are in the thick of it! J’Ouvert that is. And for the curi­ous and the culture-conscious, a good and quick sum­ma­tion of J’Ouvert can be […]

Sunday Sessions: Thinking Outside the Box

Blue Santa! by Claire Pan­choo James My daugh­ter received an early gift from the “Blue Santa” here in Bay­town (Texas)! She called and was so excited! She said mom if St. Croix only thought of its cit­i­zens this way! They gave her a microwave and a big bag of presents for her lit­tle one. Tears came […]

Claire Panchoo James

albino peacock-Grace Featured


Grace is new­ness. It’s one of those moments that just has it’s own rhythm and which lit­er­ally caused my heart to skip beats. I’m still here and I find that I need grace end­lessly. Grace Stones…rocks…tributaries and muck… These are smooth stones, jagged rocky rela­tions and wasted ener­gies These are ducks among swans Water flows carelessly […]

The Writer Sessions #1 1

Place: The Casa Pur­pose: The Writer Ses­sions (ramped up by NaNoW­riMo) Par­tic­i­pants: Me, myself and I (Although I do have some ride-or-die girl­friends who are work­ing it out on their own terms else­where in the City Beau­ti­ful) So, did I men­tion some­where along the line after it gets dark, this writer fan­cies her­self a bur­geon­ing novelist? […]

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Ms Nieva

Thank God I’m Natural 1

I just saw this and loved it!!! Thought this beau­ti­ful lady should cer­tainly be cel­e­brated! Meet Ms. Nieva and she is proudly nat­ural! You know what I think really got me, it was when she said: “This Christ­mas out with the one plait and in with nat­ural curly hair styles.” It’s some­thing to just let […]