Brilliant Universal Styling Creme Review

If some­one said to me that after my Aveda Salon Date a lit­tle over two months ago, I would be writ­ing what will be a glow­ing review for my prod­uct take­away from that night, I would have said no way! Harder still to believe that as I hit the last lit­tle bit, that I will be […]


M, Jen and Caleb

Swag for the Cure 1

I feel priv­i­leged to intro­duce my friend and fellow-writer Melissa Still­man to the DASHEEN fam­ily. I was so excited when she sent me this copy, firstly because she is such a tal­ent, and sec­ondly because she has been such a cheer­leader of what I do on here! As we are all aware Octo­ber or Pinktober […]

Wow (Blog): The Musings of Dr. Garfield Alexander 6

  This one is a bit tongue-in-cheek. Cer­tainly. Maybe a bit of a cam­paign rally. Hope­fully. Off the beaten part. Def­i­nitely! I am remind­ing myself that the only promise about Dasheen’s Wow Blog install­ments was: that place online where I sim­ply had to go back into the annals and devour every­thing the person(s) had written. […]

Garfield Alexander1

CMR Featured

Music Monday: Conscious Minds on the Rise

Jah is watch­ing all the time. That is why it is rev­e­la­tion time. Baby­lon, soci­ety hurt­ing mankind. You got to see it with your own mind…” Ten Months. In this day and age, that could very well rep­re­sent a lifetime—for the bet­ter or worse. Cir­cum­stances can change on a dime; visions shift, dreams are dashed—realized, people […]

The Power Suit 6

In the inter­est of resum­ing work, and get­ting down to busi­ness once again, both per­son­ally and for the many who have been impacted by the cur­rent eco­nomic depres­sion, I offer this new install­ment of DASHEEN called Resume Work. This one hopes to lead and aid in your own­er­ship of your life’s work. At this point, […]

Suit etiquette

Dolce Vita lace-ups tum

Wanted: Dolce Vita Lace-Up Boot 3

I’m not in the mar­ket for a boot. And cer­tainly one that is nei­ther tall, nor sleek, so why did these Dolce Vita for Tar­get® Lace-Up Boot stop me in my tracks? Could it be my mil­i­tary mus­ings and that black jacket (love) I pre­viewed recently? Could it be the golden details in that angled […]

5 Perfect Jackets 10

There was a long awaited chill in the air last night that mel­lowed into the coolest breeze this morn­ing. I think we got up to 83 degrees today in Orlando. So, let’s talk jack­ets! The pre­vail­ing trends for coats this fall/winter sea­son are still all about the details. Military/Equestrian, unex­pected ruf­fles, skirted hems, and colors […]

Candy Pink Jacket

Happiness is a Child

Sunday Sessions: Positive is How I Live! 2

Some­times I won­der when think­ing and/or speak­ing pos­i­tive got such a neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tion. As in, when did it become cooler to just ignore and not invest in such an activ­ity? Is it a reflec­tion of the world we live (eco­nomic, polit­i­cal, social etc.)? Is it the pop­u­lar­ity of an Oprah? The over­pop­u­la­tion of self-help gurus? […]

Wanted: Danielle LaPorte’s ‘Firestarter Sessions’ 1

I con­sider my want­eds to be some­what of a goals lists—not a mere wish list—more of a things-to-do—and def­i­nitely a work-towards. Danielle LaPorte is hot­ness! Not trendy haut­e­ness. Not flash-in-the-pan hot­ness, but pure-unadulterated hot­ness! Her brand of white­hot truth was a streak of light­ning across the pre­dictabil­ity of my life of seven months ago. I […]

Danielle LaPorte

Kevin Lyttle

Music Monday: Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On

So this isn’t a NEW music Mon­day post in the purest sense of the topic. But allow me some space and walk with me for a bit. The first time I heard Kevin Lyttle’s song Turn Me On I was excited and it had noth­ing to do with a provoca­tive title and/or lyrics. It was more […]

Sunday Sessions: Lessons Learned

Mi Mommy never warn me.” I’m using the above petu­lant theme song of some­one I know and love to warm up to this topic. This per­son says these words when he wants to give voice to all the things that no one puts in a man­ual about love, mar­riage and women in par­tic­u­lar. And he’s right, […]

The Secret Garden

Salon Date texture shot

Mane Attraction: Salon Date 3

Why must a visit to the salon, ren­der us, as women, so vul­ner­a­ble, so poten­tially vic­tim­ized? If you think that’s dra­matic ask any woman, cross any cul­ture, lis­ten to her sto­ries. It’s rough out there. I haven’t been to the salon in three years. I was and am con­tent to live my life on my own […]