Happy Independence Day: St. Kitts and Nevis! 1

Say SK Sweet (Sweet SK) Catch me chill­ing out in SK/We’re the best thing/You done know say we stress-free/Being greeted by the Kit­tit­ian smile/Makes me proud to be a Kit­tit­ian child” Hard to believe that 27 years have passed since that first time in ’83. I was all of 5. I think I must have teared […]

Independence Square

The Wine Room

Lime: The Wine Room on Park Avenue 6

I am not a wine con­nois­seur. I love cheap wine with a pas­sion! I am not even a very grace­ful drinker. A sip or two, here and there and the hus­band is whis­per­ing in my ear. With such a his­tory, for a first install­ment of Fri­day Lime, I think I acquit­ted myself quite well at […]

Wanted: A Cobbler and A Sleek, Tall Black Boot 10

Yes, a Cob­bler. A per­son who makes or mends shoes.  And at this point we are talk­ing NEED and not sim­ple want. I think every woman or man should meet one, sit with one, observe as they cre­ate, or at the very least, mend a shoe.  You don’t have to have a shoe fetish (Lord send […]

stiletto cobbler form

Rebel Control - Hold on to Love

New Music Monday: Rebels with a Cause 3

If you got to be a rebel, be a rebel with a cause” Bugle — Jour­neys I hope this is not a well-kept secret, but reg­gae music is a love lan­guage. It’s always been about love. Whether it’s a love of com­mu­nity, a higher self, free­dom, love for the sake of love and yes, even […]

Foodie Fridays: The Infamous Doving Pot 9

There’s some spe­cial sweet­ness in it. It just makes the food taste bet­ter.” — Ionie Williams a.k.a Mommy The pot was called a dov­ing pot for as long as I or my mom can remem­ber. I’ve scoured the Inter­net and come up empty-handed using the search terms dov­ing and pot. It’s clos­est kin by consensus […]

Cast Iron Pot/Doving Pot


Wow Blog! Economy of Style 4

[retweet] [stum­ble] [buzz] Radio Host Michael Baisden’s Pay It For­ward seg­ments always bring a smile to my face. Albeit, a smile that can quickly turn into a LOL/LMBO when that inevitable caller gets pre­cious air­time, only to explain how pay­ing their cell phone bill and being able to com­mu­ni­cate (badly—obviously) is their bright idea for giv­ing back. […]

Happy West Indian Labour Day Parade!

I remem­ber Labour Day. I remem­ber Labour Day Bar-B-Que in Queens or whichever bor­ough would have you and I def­i­nitely remem­ber the West Indian Labour Day Parade in Brook­lyn on the East­ern Park­way. Liv­ing in New York and being Caribbean it was hard to be MIA as the East­ern Park­way became a cacoph­ony of music, […]

West Indian Parade Feature2

private - intimate pic

Sunday Sessions: An Intimate Conversation… 1

[retweet] [stum­ble] [buzz] This past week has been a chal­lenge. from the rig­ors of mov­ing, to no hot water, to no for­warded mail, to a den­tist visit 5 years too late. In the midst of this there was a bit of an insur­gency. An old friend asked a ques­tion that utterly threw me. Are you in love? Let’s […]

Sunday Sessions: For Those Displaced 5

I usu­ally wake up with a song in my head. I am not a singer, but on some par­al­lel plane, I am using my lower reg­is­ter for good and not evil. I imag­ine myself as a soul singer, the kind with the gritty, dirty voice that recalls the term histri­on­ics over and over again. There would […]

Moving Day - DASHEEN Magazine

Fight or Flight 1

Inspi­ra­tion hails from any­where. It’s not a Caribbean thing. It’s not an Amer­i­can thing. It’s a uni­ver­sal thing and if you want to be blow-your-mind-don’t-care-who’s-reading-this-post-honest—It’s a God thing! My mother has a col­or­ful way with words. One Fri­day night not too long ago with fans whirring and an oppres­sive heat beat­ing down on us on the […]

Wanted: Michael Kors’ Rose Golden Chronograph Watch 1

Per­haps because I know I too have a string of wants and needs, I’ve always appre­ci­ated get­ting a win­dow into the wants of my favorite blog­gers and vlog­gers. Whether it’s a haul video or a want of the week/month you get to know some­one when they’re expos­ing their wants, and I guess I appre­ci­ate that […]

Michael Kors Rose Golden Chronograph Watch


The house is peach, with white trim. The estate seller would have said mod­est, hum­ble, even while point­ing out the lions, drawn out with parched paper and extrav­a­gant sig­na­tures from Psalms, perched on columns with right paws raised, mouths agape, guard­ing the gates – as it were, which was also painted peach and white and […]