Closet Shopping: Lifestyle and Economic Recovery 9

You know, my closet con­tin­ues to sur­prise and inspire me. A good friend chal­lenged me, or rather sug­gested some months ago, that she thought I had enough clothes in there to go a whole year with­out shop­ping. I was not con­vinced then. I’m not con­vinced now, but I con­tinue to be pleas­antly sur­prised. With a […]

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5 Tips in the Relentless Pursuit of Your Dreams 3

If you had to talk to some­one about purs­ing their dreams, what would be the top 3–5 things you would say to them? Or what would you have wished you had heard early on when you started pur­su­ing your dreams?”  Clenord Fer­gu­son, author of the ‘Truth About Love’ and Founder of Island Praize Per­haps any […]

Killing Me Softly: Water Vol. 1 5

It’s no mys­tery that the body is made up of about 70% water, or that the earth sur­face is cov­ered by approx­i­mately the same. It was new­ness to learn that at birth, water accounts for almost 80% of an infant baby’s body weight. So with so much sweet sym­me­try and divine order sur­round­ing water, the […]

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The 3-Year-Itch: Motherhood in the Absence of Desperation 11

For my 32nd birth­day, which was also my 3rd wed­ding anniver­sary, my step­dad left a rather detailed mes­sage offer­ing instruc­tions on how to pro­cre­ate. I laughed until I cried. I mean you just had to be there. And he’s not the only one. The most reserved among friends and fam­ily have lit­er­ally laid bare their prescriptions […]

Sunscreen, SPF & Women of Color SPF & Women of Color">1

My ques­tions to two acclaimed Der­ma­tol­o­gists was sim­ple: 1) Do Women of Color need to wear sun­screen? 2) Why? It was not just idle curios­ity. Ten years ago I was suf­fer­ing. I was an oily girl, with moun­tains on top of mole hills form­ing their own island chain on my face, and every aber­ra­tion in between. […]

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Boy (Piano) 5

Jamaica Kin­caid is one of my favorite authors. She is a fist in my gut. There are only three options with JK. Double-over. Die. Deliver. She is the sort of writer in my expe­ri­ence and cir­cle who you either love or not-so-much. She can be (fill in the blank) to some, but to me she […]

It’s a Wrap! 9

The first time I wore one, I wasn’t feel­ing par­tic­u­larly pow­er­ful, styl­ish or proud. I felt like screaming—and I prob­a­bly did at the exact moment a no-name ver­sion of a Gold N Hot curl­ing iron hit the left or right side of my forehead—from the sear­ing pain, yes, but mostly out of extreme frus­tra­tion. It did […]

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Jamming @ Lake Eola

You are Here! Why are you here? 13

It’s been said that no one liv­ing in Orlando is from Orlando. The first time I heard it, blar­ing from my hop-scotch car radio, I thought I had mis­heard. Was it really true? And then I had a few months there where every­one I talked to, from wait staff to car deal­ers, to busi­ness types […]

A Midwife and a Designer 6

My sis­ter is my hero. At 22, she quite sim­ply astounds me with her abil­ity to do and engage, and yet still remain res­olutely her­self. And even more mirac­u­lous is the knowl­edge that she did not just emerge into this young woman, but has always seemed to be plot­ting a course to this ver­sion of womanhood. […]

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How to Eat a Mango: Caribbean-Style 25

You would think this post would be instruc­tional. But that’s just the point. Eat­ing a mango Caribbean-style is so much less a seri­ous rela­tion­ship and so much more a mem­o­rable sum­mer crush. You kina just have to go with the flow, or flow where you go. In a hand-sanitized world that may not be pre­pared to […]

St. Kitts, I love you! 15

Dear Sweet Sugar City,   I wasn’t always a head­strong run­away. Before tur­bu­lent air­plane flights, tumul­tuous weather pat­terns and ten­u­ous rela­tion­ships, I was always the one stand­ing at the heavy-duty glass par­ti­tion, peer­ing into the soul of a man as he held the hand of a girl. She could have been me, but she wasn’t, with […]

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