The work is called ROOTS: PEOPLE PICTURES POETRY. Its mus­tard seeds sown in the foot­notes of ‘Beau­ti­ful poetry… Beau­ti­ful pic­tures… Beau­ti­ful peo­ple… and Beau­ti­ful exhil­a­rat­ing spir­i­tu­al­ity.’

The 1st push: The real­iza­tion of ROOTS as a cof­fee-table-style book/compilation that delves deep into CULTURE through the roots of dreads . locs . rasta.

After that, heaven only knows, but a jour­ney across media to the uni­verse is cer­tainly not out­side the vision.

ROOTS as the name would sug­gest, has been an organic process thus far, ever-flow­ing with con­fir­ma­tions and recon­fir­ma­tions. It truly promises to be a mod­ern and ambi­tious project in its por­trayal through sleek, stun­ning black and white pho­tog­ra­phy of an impor­tant, often maligned and some­times mis­un­der­stood seg­ment of our cul­tural root­ed­ness. Yet, ROOTS is not just title, it is a move­ment, which also rep­re­sents R.ealizing O.ur O.wn T.rue S.elves, and as such is con­cerned with our cul­tural legacy as a peo­ple and region.



The vision­ary behind this impor­tant work: Dr. Garfield Alexan­der, my pas­sion­ate Kit­ti­tian friend who you first met here and then here. I think I men­tioned before that this one is actively engaged in chang­ing his beloved cor­ner of the world. As he rightly states, “we have too much fail­ing con­cepts of beauty and fail­ing con­cepts self worth.”



A work of such cal­iber could not come to fruition with­out the ded­i­cated part­ner­ing and gifts of The Pho­tog­ra­pher: in one Richard Munro of RJM Pho­toworks fame. Please do check out his gallery. The word STUNNING con­sis­tently comes to mind. It is no won­der they call him the Cyclops. Keen vision is so essen­tial to this task.

Another con­fir­ma­tion: The rum­blings for ROOTS to become a real­ity from those that have sam­pled, has been loud and insis­tent:

Con­tinue the quest. Edu­cate, evoke, evolve… change and appre­ci­a­tion. Every seed come from a plant with roots (His­tory) and need roots to grow, pro­duce more seeds and to sta­bi­lize itself. A plant with­out roots is dead. A dead plant pro­duces no more fruits or seeds but decom­pose itself into the ground it fell on, van­ish and be for­got­ten. We under­stand your cause in keep­ing the roots alive. Active ROOTS my Broth­ers… food for eyes, ears, mind and soul.” Tony Ible

The fol­low­ing short 4 min video by the project’s own Video­g­ra­pher: Samal “Z-Dan” Dug­gins is merely a fore­taste of things to come:

There are as many fruits as there are plants, and none will sur­vive with­out their roots.”

And so the ROOTS rev­o­lu­tion con­tin­ues… what will your con­tri­bu­tion be?


I’m Tynisha C. Leon founder of DASHEEN mag­a­zine — the online des­ti­na­tion where cul­ture feeds imag­i­na­tion. I am a cul­tural war­rior first and fore­most; and for me that sim­ply means that I am a light bearer for all things intrin­si­cally cul­tural and Caribbean. If you seek to inno­vate, pro­mote and/or con­tribute to posi­tioning a Caribbean peo­ple and gen­er­a­tion most pos­i­tively then link me!