The work is called ROOTS: PEOPLE PICTURES POETRY. Its mustard seeds sown in the footnotes of ‘Beautiful poetry… Beautiful pictures… Beautiful people… and Beautiful exhilarating spirituality.’

The 1st push: The realization of ROOTS as a coffee-table-style book/compilation that delves deep into CULTURE through the roots of dreads . locs . rasta.

After that, heaven only knows, but a journey across media to the universe is certainly not outside the vision.

ROOTS as the name would suggest, has been an organic process thus far, ever-flowing with confirmations and reconfirmations. It truly promises to be a modern and ambitious project in its portrayal through sleek, stunning black and white photography of an important, often maligned and sometimes misunderstood segment of our cultural rootedness. Yet, ROOTS is not just title, it is a movement, which also represents R.ealizing O.ur O.wn T.rue S.elves, and as such is concerned with our cultural legacy as a people and region.



The visionary behind this important work: Dr. Garfield Alexander, my passionate Kittitian friend who you first met here and then here. I think I mentioned before that this one is actively engaged in changing his beloved corner of the world. As he rightly states, “we have too much failing concepts of beauty and failing concepts self worth.”



A work of such caliber could not come to fruition without the dedicated partnering and gifts of The Photographer: in one Richard Munro of RJM Photoworks fame. Please do check out his gallery. The word STUNNING consistently comes to mind. It is no wonder they call him the Cyclops. Keen vision is so essential to this task.

Another confirmation: The rumblings for ROOTS to become a reality from those that have sampled, has been loud and insistent:

“Continue the quest. Educate, evoke, evolve… change and appreciation. Every seed come from a plant with roots (History) and need roots to grow, produce more seeds and to stabilize itself. A plant without roots is dead. A dead plant produces no more fruits or seeds but decompose itself into the ground it fell on, vanish and be forgotten. We understand your cause in keeping the roots alive. Active ROOTS my Brothers… food for eyes, ears, mind and soul.” Tony Ible

The following short 4 min video by the project’s own Videographer: Samal “Z-Dan” Duggins is merely a foretaste of things to come:

“There are as many fruits as there are plants, and none will survive without their roots.”

And so the ROOTS revolution continues… what will your contribution be?


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