I’m not in the market for a boot. And certainly one that is neither tall, nor sleek, so why did these Dolce Vita for TargetĀ® Lace-Up Boot stop me in my tracks?

Dolce Vita laceups

Could it be my military musings and that black jacket (love) I previewed recently?

Could it be the golden details in that angled zip and grommets channeling delicate Victorian lace-ups?

I couldn’t tell you what made me put them on, except an interest in Target’s GO Designers and their collections for the brand which does inspire at the very least a look-see, if not an outright purchase in my experience.

I was wearing my Stella Express flare jeans, so the marriage of jean to boot wasn’t even that great, but I abandoned my lipsticks and Cantu Shea Butter purchases to run and find a fulllength mirror. LOL

I tucked, untucked and rolled the jean… I left the zipper open part way, then zipped it all the way… I went down low and scrutinized the bends and breaks of the faux leather.

My happy conclusions: These would do nicely. Not to mention that the hubby was in tow and nodding appreciatively.

But do you want to know when an item is truly working on a find ladies and gentlemen?

It’s when you have that not-just-in-the-movies montage of your life in them, and can clearly envision at least two, if not three ways to make the item work with things you already own.

I had that. And I think what I loved mostly was the unexpectedness of them. While not my type of boot on the surface, they had a voice and it was soulful. I like what they’re saying and I am wanting, but you know what, I’m also getting.