A Night of Elegance2There’s noth­ing like a BIG EVENT to inspire a dress hunt. In March, I had the oppor­tu­nity to attend “A Night of Ele­gance.” Orga­nized by my church’s very awe­some and fash­ion­able Women’s Aux­il­iary, the night quite lived up to its styl­ish appoint­ment; and I was able to fuse my appre­ci­a­tion for 20’s fash­ion, Car­men Jones and the Harlem Renais­sance.

Not bad for a ROSS pur­chase on a whim, which most def­i­nitely included the heels that hit all the right high notes.

The upcom­ing event spurring this post along is an ALL WHITE GALA on Sat­ur­day May 28th, this time orga­nized by the equally styl­ish and auda­cious Pastor’s Aide Com­mit­tee. Yes, and thank you very much, Tem­ple of Faith has been in per­pet­ual cel­e­bra­tion mode of late. Whether its fam­ily, friends, our com­mu­nity or our lead­ers, it has been on!

I’ve never been to an all white any­thing. How­ever, in my mind an ALL white any­thing cer­tainly deserves and demands an all white fit, and my heart is set on the per­fect, not-so-lit­tle white dress.

I’m a bonafide dress woman–through and through–the longer, the flowier, the more wash, shake and wear the fab­ric, the bet­ter. So, it works to my advan­tage that all the fash­ion world is much ado about the MAXI dress (and skirt). I’m in my ele­ment style-wise.

Still, a white dress is hard for this woman. Such a state­ment is even eas­ier to under­stand if you imag­ine the beau­ti­ful ivory and gold lace num­ber that stood proxy for another woman’s bone white wed­ding fan­tasy in my own ver­sion of wed­ded­ness. Now that dress was a dream dress! I felt the com­plete woman there, and isn’t that the way it should be.

I’ve encoun­tered some clauses for pause in my hunt. The first is my deep, bur­geon­ing and all-encom­pass­ing love for Green Cloth­ing to include head-to-toe acces­sories. I should explain that in lieu of an offi­cial def­i­n­i­tion for green cloth­ing, mine is all about the thrift and/or vin­tage buy/get. If you are a thrifter or vin­tage shop­per, then you under­stand that it is the rarest of finds to dis­cover a white any­thing, worth the trou­ble, or price of a wash or dry clean that may still not work to advan­tage in the wear depart­ment. You also under­stand that any thrifter or vin­tage shop­per worth her weight in gold always goes in with an open mind and not too-much specifics in mind.

The white dress I see in my mind’s eye is all of the above styl­ish mark­ers in a mod­ern eye­let and/or lace com­bi­na­tion. Yes, I am smil­ing as I write. My expec­ta­tions are ever great. The final clause: my bud­get, which is all of $100 not just for this dress and acces­sories, but rep­re­sents my allowance to myself for per­sonal pur­chases in any given month.

I’ve come up empty on the local thrift front, but my online searches are excit­ing to say the least. Etsy is per­pet­u­ally doing vin­tage right and so far this dress is a win­ner, if only in my mind and not so much for the venue or the specifics laid out. In fact I love it so much I am con­sid­er­ing get­ting it just so I can wear it on pic­nic in the park.

Vintage 70s Maxi Halter

This Gayle Kil­patrick vin­tage white beauty, which is rightly way of bud­get range at $180, and deli­ciously shorter but with such per­son­al­ity that a woman can dream. Can’t she? I just love the dar­ing touch of that per­fect red and vio­let tas­sel.

Vintage White dress - Gail K

There is so much more to love and see. I’m vir­tu­ally cer­tain that I will find the per­fect white dress, but I’ve also thought about that wed­ding day dress in all its ivory and gold-threaded lace and fig­ure-flat­ter­ing sin­gu­lar beauty. There will absolutely be no love lost either way.


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