Wanted: The (Perfect) White Dress

A Night of Elegance2There’s nothing like a BIG EVENT to inspire a dress hunt. In March, I had the opportunity to attend “A Night of Elegance.” Organized by my church’s very awesome and fashionable Women’s Auxiliary, the night quite lived up to its stylish appointment; and I was able to fuse my appreciation for 20’s fashion, Carmen Jones and the Harlem Renaissance.

Not bad for a ROSS purchase on a whim, which most definitely included the heels that hit all the right high notes.

The upcoming event spurring this post along is an ALL WHITE GALA on Saturday May 28th, this time organized by the equally stylish and audacious Pastor’s Aide Committee. Yes, and thank you very much, Temple of Faith has been in perpetual celebration mode of late. Whether its family, friends, our community or our leaders, it has been on!

I’ve never been to an all white anything. However, in my mind an ALL white anything certainly deserves and demands an all white fit, and my heart is set on the perfect, not-so-little white dress.

I’m a bonafide dress woman–through and through–the longer, the flowier, the more wash, shake and wear the fabric, the better. So, it works to my advantage that all the fashion world is much ado about the MAXI dress (and skirt). I’m in my element style-wise.

Still, a white dress is hard for this woman. Such a statement is even easier to understand if you imagine the beautiful ivory and gold lace number that stood proxy for another woman’s bone white wedding fantasy in my own version of weddedness. Now that dress was a dream dress! I felt the complete woman there, and isn’t that the way it should be.

I’ve encountered some clauses for pause in my hunt. The first is my deep, burgeoning and all-encompassing love for Green Clothing to include head-to-toe accessories. I should explain that in lieu of an official definition for green clothing, mine is all about the thrift and/or vintage buy/get. If you are a thrifter or vintage shopper, then you understand that it is the rarest of finds to discover a white anything, worth the trouble, or price of a wash or dry clean that may still not work to advantage in the wear department. You also understand that any thrifter or vintage shopper worth her weight in gold always goes in with an open mind and not too-much specifics in mind.

The white dress I see in my mind’s eye is all of the above stylish markers in a modern eyelet and/or lace combination. Yes, I am smiling as I write. My expectations are ever great. The final clause: my budget, which is all of $100 not just for this dress and accessories, but represents my allowance to myself for personal purchases in any given month.

I’ve come up empty on the local thrift front, but my online searches are exciting to say the least. Etsy is perpetually doing vintage right and so far this dress is a winner, if only in my mind and not so much for the venue or the specifics laid out. In fact I love it so much I am considering getting it just so I can wear it on picnic in the park.

Vintage 70s Maxi Halter

This Gayle Kilpatrick vintage white beauty, which is rightly way of budget range at $180, and deliciously shorter but with such personality that a woman can dream. Can’t she? I just love the daring touch of that perfect red and violet tassel.

Vintage White dress - Gail K

There is so much more to love and see. I’m virtually certain that I will find the perfect white dress, but I’ve also thought about that wedding day dress in all its ivory and gold-threaded lace and figure-flattering singular beauty. There will absolutely be no love lost either way.


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  1. Oh I love that Etsy dress!

    • …and so worth it lady! Practically every dress on that link is a potential winner. Only thing now is playing the measurement game, which can be too traumatic in vintage shopping. Thanks for stopping by Mama! 🙂

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  4. These dresses are Gorgeous…i need thm both…hint* hint*…

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